Incoming messages



How does the service work?

* SMS sending and receiving service must be activated for your mobile phone number.
* You can send messages automatically (via API) or via our WEB-based SMS sending system
* Customers' responses to your messages will be received and processed in Vero system.
* You can get your clients' responses straight to your system or review in the report that we will provide to you.
* You long mobile number can receive calls, which could be redirected to your customers support line.



Where does this service work?

We provide SMS sending and receiving service in:

  • Lithuania
  • Latvia

If necessary, there is an opportunity to provide this servise in other EU counties.


What this service should be used for?

Mostly this service is used to keep direct connerction with your customers. You can:

  • manage customer surveys
  • inform customers about granted or new products and services
  • get responses from your customers to your questionaires, if they will be able to get delivery on time, etc.

Because all comunication goes thru long mobile number you can offer the lowest possible price for you customers. If you would use short code - minimal price for customer would be 0.09EUR.


To get an offer or for more information please contact us via email info at vero dot lt.

To unsubscribe service in Lithuania send SMS to short code 1679. Message price is 0.09 Eur.

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