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Vero partners possibilities

Vero partners possibilities

Charge for Your Services by Premium Rate SMS Message (PSMS)

Premium rate SMS is a convenient and quick way for a user to pay for services provided by you. Following the documentation provided by us and with a help of our professionals you will install billing services in a few hours.

You will be able to organize SMS voting, competitions, guess games and provide your users with website hosting services, charge for files and any other information downloaded.

For PSMS billing we can offer rates from 0.5 EUR up to 8.5 EUR. All these rates are provided through a unanimous short number 1679, which operates for customers of Lithuanian mobile operators. Soon we will offer you PSMS billing in Latvia as well.

Bill for Your WAP (Mobile Phone) Website

If you have a WAP site, it would be really convenient for your user to pay for the services provided not by sending a PSMS message but by a simple click a link with a certain price. We will inform you about a successful payment made by your user and then you will be able to allow them to use your services. Moreover, we can tell you your user's telephone device model and operator.

Install Automatic Service Renewal

VeroMobile offers its partners to install not only a simple billing by PSMS and WAP but also automatic service renewal - subscription.

Automatic service renewal facilitates a user's payment for your services. When a user gets familiar with rules of the service provided and sends a PSMS or clicks a WAP link, he is charged automatically in a certain, mutually agreed period. This billing mechanism is the most convenient for dating websites or clubs where users make weekly or monthly payments for their membership.

Rates and a billing mechanism are the same as billing by a simple PSMS message.

Service Management and Statistics

All our partners can manage their services by logging in the Partner Zone. It means that you can develop new services, add additional keywords, change service prices and automatic renewal terms, etc.

In the Partner Zone you will also see your statistics: a number of PSMS messages received for your services, a number of automatic renewals made during a period selected by you, a number of WAP billing.

You will be able to see financial flows as well: income generated by your services, your income share, invoices paid and invoices unpaid.

Quality and Assistance

VeroMobile provides its partners not only with quality by also quick assistance.
Our servers are monitored on-line 24 hours per day. Under your request, you will be automatically informed about all technical difficulties.

In case of any issue, email us at info at vero dot lt or call at +37061630290 and you will always receive a prompt reply.

Your clients can get all information about services provided, payments made and termination of automatic renewal by calling our quality line at +37065841777.

To unsubscribe service in Lithuania send SMS to short code 1679. Message price is 0.09 Eur.

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