SMS subscriptions


Subscription payments are used for “membership” type services and allows automatic payments for extentions.

If user has an active subscription service he is charged periodically and automatically.

Example: User sends registration SMS and becomes a member of a dating site. Membership costs 1 Eur/week.



* In all subscriptions cases, the service provider (partner) does not care about the extension periods calculation, this is done by Vero system. If a member is active in Vero system, he should also be active in partner's site (and vice versa).

* Subscriptions in Lithuania for Tele2 and Telia users can be extended just from 10 AM to 8 PM. If payment period end later - extention will be activated next morning.

* In operator „Telia Lietuva“ case, users are automatically unsubscribed from service if they are inactive for more than one month. Partners' sytem provides last-login date in „check“ response.

For services that do not provide such information, users must confirm the extention each time by sending message TAIP ( more on Telia subscription exceptions).

To unsubscribe service in Lithuania send SMS to short code 1679. Message price is 0.09 Eur.

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