Incoming messages

Collecting data

SMS advertising is most effective when the information you sent is really relevant to the customer.

Our studies show that:

  • most customers want to receive SMS advertisements if information is relevant
  • customers agree to receive advertisements via SMS, if allowed to choose the type or frequency of ads, for example. only about a certain brand
  • the are more customers who would like to receive information via SMS than the company has in its own databases

Know your customer

We propose not only to increase the customer database, but also to gather clear customer needs.

  • Ask what the customer expects - what kind of product (or group) and what prices.
  • Get these customers mobile phones - use an SMS with the relevant keyword or web registration
  • Group your customers according to their needs, eg .: customers who are waiting for t-shirts and tend to pay for them 15 Eur.
  • Send SMS to customers once you have a product that meet their needs.

Get to know your customer and carry out sales with feedback.


Simple and thrifty ways to collect data

  • Your vendors can ask the customer needs and to gather contacts.
  • Allow customers to register for SMS advertising themselves - client, in order to receive SMS advertisements, send instant message and you get his mobile phone number.
  • Create SMS campaigns or games - registering for winning prize customers will leave you data, which you can use later for SMS advertising.
  • Gives an opportunity to leave data on your Web site or the collect it via mobile Internet.
  • Suggest customers to purchase discount or loyalty cards.
  • Collect customer data in social networks.


Please contact us and we will offer you not only SMS advertising tool, but also help to collect customer data base.

SMS sending advertising tool BeeDo allows:

  • Create contacts according to your needs (group them by region, store, customer type, etc.).
  • The contact can belong to several groups, so interesting information will reach the customer.
  • Simple to enter new contacts, import old or send SMS advertising to desired group of contacts.

More SMS advertising tool options can be found at website.



To get an offer or more information, please contact us via e-mail info at vero dot lt or call us +37061630290.


To unsubscribe service in Lithuania send SMS to short code 1679. Message price is 0.09 Eur.

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