SMS sending

Delivery report


If parameter dlrurl was specified then message delivery reports will be sent to defined URL address.


GET parameters, provided in the request:

 Title  Description  Example
 msg_id  Unique sent message identifier in MBS system - SMS_ID.
 You get it on message ordering time
 ident  External system identifier, eg. advert id  LT123
 from  What sender's phone number was set  1679
 to  Recipient's phone number (MSISDN), international format „370xxxyyyyy“  37065659515
 operator  What operator was set for recipient. Format: tele2_lt, bite_lt, tele2_lv etc.  bite_lt
 charset  Which rule for message text was set  lisp
 length  How many packages message consisted  1
 delivery  Numeric message delivery status (see below)  1
 status  Text message delivery status (see below)  DELIVERED




HTTP request example:


Message delivery statuses:

 Numeric value  Text value  Explanation
 16  REJECTED  System refused to send message
 8  SUBMITTED  System transfered message to operator
 4  BUFFERED  The message is postponed for sending later
 2  NOT_DELIVERED  Unable to deliver message to recipient
 1  DELIVERED  Message delivered to recipient


You will get delivery report after each message status change in MBS. So you will get few reports for each message, eg., in case of success - SUBMITTED, later DELIVERED

To unsubscribe service in Lithuania send SMS to short code 1679. Message price is 0.09 Eur.

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