SMS sending

Sending via API


SMS sending via API service is designed to send various types of informational or promotional messages.

To send messages via API we use SMSComm messaging platform.



Sending single message

In most cases, this delivery method is used to send automated messages, when sending is initiated by some event in partner system. Such messages are usually referred to as systemic or transactional and to send them human intervention is unnecessary. System, according to a predetermined rule, generates and sends the message automatically.

Some most common messaging via API examples:

  • Dating sites reminders about questionnaires;
  • Login approval message for new user;
  • The account balance information;
  • Ad expiration reminder;
  • Password reminder.


Sending messages in batches

This type of messaging is used for sending promotional messages or alerts to a large number of contacts simultaneously. Such messages are usually referred to as mass or "bulk".

Some most common BULK messaging via API examples:

  • New service advertising;
  • Invitation to the event;
  • Information about system failures;
  • Compliments;


Send personalized SMS messages

Personalize informational or promotional SMS messages text: insert customer's name, personalized offer or other unique information.

Personalized SMS messaging will help you to maximize the benefits of SMS marketing.



  • Company, product or other sender name of you choosing (FROM).
  • Sending speed from 1000 SMS per minute.
  • Messages lenght accounting
  • Sending to individual number or group of numbers.
  • Sending SMS immediately or at you chosen future date.
  • SMS delivery status report.
  • The protection that client wouldn't get two or more identical SMS messages.
  • The protection that client while they are abroad and use roaming, wouldn't get two or more SMS (a common problem in other service suppliers).
  • Dispatch time restriction (you can set different times for weekdays, weekends and holidays), that by mistake SMS messages wouldn't be sent to recipients at night or at an inconvenient time.
  • Option to send messages in RU (Cyrillic) and other alphabets (LT, LV, EE, etc.)
  • Option to automatically change Cyrillic alphabet text messages to Latin.

To unsubscribe service in Lithuania send SMS to short code 1679. Message price is 0.09 Eur.

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