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There is no need even to say that mobile phones became a part of people's lives and most people carry them together the whole day.

For this reason, SMS advertising and SMS communication has become a valuable communication tool.

We introduce advertising and SMS sending tool Beedo, which allows you to save SMS advertising cost up to 20% and to send messages takes only a few minutes.


Send personalized SMS messages

While sending information or promotional SMS messages, personalize SMS text: insert customer's name, personalized offer or just another unique information.

Personalized SMS messaging will help you maximize the benefits of SMS marketing.



Our studies show that up to 20% of messages are not delivered because people like to use prepaid cards, which they change quite often. So with card user's phone number also changes. Out SMS sending tool allows to monitor to which numbers messages are not delivered and remove those numbers from recipient list.


Main features

  • Create and categorize contact groups according to your needs.
  • One contact can belong to several groups, so there is no need to duplicate records.
  • You can easily change the place of contact group - you won't need to import contacts again.
  • When sending a message you need to specify the desired name of the group and all the contacts in the group will receive your information.
  • It will take just a couple of minutes to send message to your contact group. You will find a help guide and quick links in each page which will allow to perform actions even faster.
  • If you notice an error in message text you will be able to stop sending. Message with incorrect information will only receive part of your contacts, while for others you will be able to send the correct information.
  • You will get a full information about SMS campaign results: how many messages were sent, how many were actually delivered, and how many users did not received your messages.
  • And much more.

To get more information about SMS advertising tool read info page.


Countries and prices

SMS sending to Lithuania prices you can review here.

We can offer SMS sending service almost in all over the world. For sending to specific country (countries) please contact us via e-mail info at vero dot lt


To get a proposal or more info contact us via e-mail info at vero dot lt or call +37061630290.




To unsubscribe service in Lithuania send SMS to short code 1679. Message price is 0.09 Eur.

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